Behind the scenes: What happens when you hire Revi Mendelsohn to sell your home?

Behind the scenes: What happens when you hire Revi Mendelsohn to sell your home?

You just spent an hour online looking at houses for sale in your area.

Some were amazing, and you were dying to see them in person, some not so much.

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between each of those sellers’ agents?

Why do some agents have amazing presentations, sell their listings in the first days on market, and others….not so much?

Have you ever wondered what happened BEFORE you the listing hit the market?    Here is a glimpse into what happens “backstage” and “before the show…aka Open House”  (Don’t forget to check out Before and After gallery too)

I will share with you some information about a recent listing that I had in Brentwood.  

I have known the sellers for about 2.5 years now.  They were referred to me by a past client.

B and A hired me to help them purchase their first home.  Within 1 month of our search, we were able to find them the condo that they wanted to purchase.

Fast forward 2 years and B and A’s twins are now walking and talking and the family needed more space.

They contacted me in February of 2017 and told me that they wanted to start making a plan to move in the summer of 2017.  Since they had purchased their condo in July 2017, they wanted to close no sooner than their second homeowner anniversary.

We met again in May and made a preliminary plan for their sale.

Here is a step by step list of how we made it happen for them.

-clients told me their renovation budget

-I assessed what needed to be fixed in the house and prioritized the list based on Return on Investment

-reviewed the list and fit required items into their budget

-priced out each repair and helped client choose the service provider

-negotiated with service providers to get best value for seller

-created a renovation schedule and met with service providers to ensure work was completed

-checked on work and instructed service providers as needed

-once work was completed, sent photos to the client

-client arranged for service provider payment

-met with stager and had staging completed

-verified stager’s work and had stager make corrections…in this case, the stager was missing some items, so I went to the store and replaced/added some items.

-reviewed pricing and went over any new comps in the area. Reconfirmed list price.

-met with professional photographer at the property, discussed marketing strategy and target market.

-selected best photos for marketing the property

-listed the property in the mls and other syndicated real estate sites.

-sent out advertising on Social media and online

*This is a sample of the work that was done behind the scene—each listing is different and unique*

Want to see the results?

Click here to see the result of the sale described in this post

We offer an all in one solution to your home selling needs.  Not every property needs to have renovation work done. In fact, we work with each of our sellers to customize their home selling plan to ensure that it meets their needs and goals for selling.

For more info or to meet with Revi, call or text 310-963-7384.

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